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S'more Kit - S'more Business® Design

We'd Love to do S'more Business smore kit

Our Business S'mores kit will conjure up warm memories of sitting by a crackling camp fire, stick in hand, as a golden confection finishes its slow roast, destined for graham cracker goodness! Everyone loves the ooey-gooey texture and sweet sensation of melted chocolate. Now you can give this timeless taste with our selection of s’mores! Tell your customer in the SWEETEST way that you want to increase their business or continue your relations with this unique treat.

Each item arrives individually packaged with all the ingredients needed to put together this tempting treat! By supplying the edibles and all they have to do is find a fire (or the nearest microwave) to finish the job.

Each package looks stunning with a generously sized 2" Imagemallows® Marshmallow that accompanies a set of 4 graham cracker squares and delectable chocolate.

We offer even more customization with the option of traditional plain chocolate, savory peanut butter cup, dark chocolate or gourmet cookies and cream.

We also have a selection customizable s'mores kits for other easy-to-personalized options to better match your business.

Priced by the each, minimum order of 12.

patent number - D717,667

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