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Make staying home S'more fun!

s'mores with family and love branded graham crackers


Are you looking for a fun and unexpected family activity? Indoor S'mores is the answer and we have a few fun recipes that will help make this American pastime even sweeter.

Here's what you will need:

Graham Crackers

Are you a fan of Traditional s'mores that are made using honey graham crackers? How about changing it up a bit. Did you know that Graham crackers are also available in Chocolate, Honey Free, Cinnamon and Sugar, or for a really unique twist try a Stroopwafel cookie in place of the graham crackers!


Marshmallows are also available in a variety of flavor options. Traditional vanilla is a favorite. However have you ever tried strawberry, chocolate or chocolate filled. With Chocolate filled marshmallows you may pay a little more but you will not have to purchase your chocolate separately. There are also gelatin free marshmallows that are just as tasty as a traditional vanilla marshmallow but with just a slightly different texture.


With so many varieties of chocolate on the the market sky is the limit for creating unique smores. A favorite in our household is peanut butter cup or dark chocolate with almonds (yum!) However the list goes on! Milk Chocolate, Cookies and Creme. or even try gourmet Chocolate bars that contain salted caramel, hazelnuts, chili peppers, olive oil, smoked chocolate, rose or mint.


Toppings are a fun way to add texture and unexpected flavors to your indoor s'mores. Dried or fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas and pineapple can be a (somewhat) healthy addition to s'mores. Have you ever considered savory additions like peppered bacon, sea salt or salami?

Heating Source

Now that you have your ingredients here comes the fun part! To create a s'more you must have a way to toast or at least melt your marshmallow and chocolate. If you do not have access to fireplace, a microwave works too! However, if you really want a true s'mores experience plant based stereo cans can be fun. Also a company by the name of Radiate offers Portable Campfires that can be started within minutes,

Don't have these items currently on hand or would love to send traditional s'mores as a gift? We can definitely help ease the burden of you having to trek to the grocery store. Our s'more kits come with all of the items needed to make traditional s'mores. You can order your set here. 

Did we miss any ingredients or techniques that you'd recommend? We'd love to hear in the comments below!



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